Facilitate your Patients' Recovery Processes.

Treatment Mapping

Enabling easy-to-use access to nearby treatment resources. Find treatment for yourself or a friend in need of a hand.

Wellness Support Network

Supporting healthy connection and community engagement.

Goals Tracking (Wellness, Fitness, etc)

Cultivating healthy mindsets toward setting, measuring, and achieving positive goals.


  • Each of our programs is based on published, evidence-based treatment. Our interactive modular programs are centered around the user, to meet a person where they are.
  • Our digital solutions can be accessed on smartphones, and tablets. Convenience increases engagement, and utilization improves outcomes.

Value-based care is driving health systems and hospitals to take a holistic approach on population management strategies.


Behavioral Health Issues Have a Direct Correlation on Costs & Outcomes

  • Over 20% of adults have a mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder
  • 60% of patients who have a chronic physical illness also suffer from depression and anxiety
  • At U.S. hospitals, about 13% of mental health discharges are readmitted within 30 days
  • Mental illness treatment accounts for $80 billion of total health spending
  • Mental health and substance use disorders are the leading causes of disease burden in the U.S.
  • Among comparable countries, the U.S. has the highest rate of death from mental health and substance abuse disorders
  • 4 in 10 Americans know someone who has been addicted to prescription painkillers
  • At U.S. hospitals,10% of substance use discharges are readmitted within 30 days
  • Cost is the most commonly reported barrier to using mental health services

Increase Access, Drive Engagement, Improve Outcomes.

  • Increase Patient Compliance
  • Engagement
  • Accountability
  • Wellness
  • Substance Use Disorder Prevention

Improve Continuum of Care

  • Understanding Patient Behavior
  • Measuring Progress & Outcome
  • Improving Patient Satisfaction
  • Addressing Provider Capacity

How NextStep Mobile Health Works


  • NextStep HealthTech Works with Employers
  • Employers offer NextStep Mobile Health as an employee benefit for health & wellness care.
  • Clients Get Started Online
    Individuals sign up online and complete a clinical assessment.
  • We Intelligently Match Clients to You
  • We recommend you to clients who match your expertise and availability.
  • Clients Book Their First Session
  • Clients schedule their first appointment online or by phone or email.

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